How Do You Choose the Best Liner Integrity Testing Service?

Testing the integrity of your geomembrane lining systems in waste water installation, landfills, and tank forms are essential. As such, liner integrity testing (LIT) is a valuable assessment that can help you determine whether a liner has been installed in the most effective manner. And when working with a LIT service, you can identify potential problems with your liners before they have time to become serious issues. However, you must choose the right company to get the best service. So, consider the following factors when choosing LIT service:


When looking for a LIT company, it is important to make sure that you choose one with experience working on similar projects. If a company has never done anything like yours before, they may not be able to give you the best advice or have the necessary equipment available. So, asking them if they have experience with similar projects and what kinds of clientele they generally work with are solid starting points.


When choosing a company for testing liner integrity, reputation is one of the most important factors. You want to ensure that your liners will be tested by experts with a track record of delivering tasks on schedule and providing top-notch client care. And the best way to find this is by asking other companies they use for their testing needs.


Certification is a good indicator of quality; it shows that the company has undergone and passed a certain inspection, testing, and certification. Certification is not a guarantee of quality, however, as some companies may be certified but still produce substandard products.

Certification can also indicate that you have access to the right skillset or experience required by your industry. So if someone says they’re an expert at LIT, then chances are they know what they’re talking about!


The company should be able to do the testing at your facility. And if you’re sending a sample out of state for testing, the lab must have a good relationship with this facility. The same goes for any tests done at another location; if there are any issues with communication or logistics, it can affect the outcome of your results. Likewise, the company should be able to do the testing on a schedule that works for you and them. You’ll want flexibility in terms of when they can schedule your tests (and vice versa).

The Right Resources to Handle the Job

  • The right equipment to do the job: You must select a company with the proper equipment and equipment maintenance. And if your liner is damaged, it will be more difficult for them to repair or replace it efficiently.
  • The right people to do the job: A good LIT service will have qualified personnel who can handle any situation that might arise during an inspection or repair process on your product line (like getting stuck in the mud). And knowing what they’re capable of doing enables you to depend on them during stressful situations like this! Plus, they’ll likely have some experience dealing with challenging environments such as those found within tunnels or sewers where there are lots of pitfalls waiting around every corner.

So, many liner integrity testing services are available these days, with different pricing and features. But before making it, you should always be aware of the various factors that affect your choice. And the most crucial thing is to know what damage needs to be fixed and which test you need.

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Wayne Martin