How to Hire and Train Laundromat Staff

Operating a laundromat isn’t only about taking into account the laundry parts and equipment, which you can find from places like Laundry Replacement Parts. Creating an exemplary customer experience also means having the right staff operating the laundromat’s day-to-day activities.

This guide will share how to find and train laundromat staff for better customer experience and success, so read on!

Hiring Laundromat Staff

Getting the most out of your laundromat staff begins with the hiring process. Fortunately, the Internet can help you find the best staff through job forums and posting sites.

Post a job listing online and on your local community’s job boards. Ensure that you include any requirements and required skills to be part of the team. Furthermore, include what they can expect working in your laundromat and contact details to submit a resume.

Here’s a sample of laundry attendant duties you may want to add to your job listing:

  • Cleaning the facilities, such as wiping the windows, sweeping and mopping floors, picking up garbage, wiping down tables, etc.
  • Cleaning and maintaining laundry equipment and alliance laundry parts
  • Answer customer queries and solves any issues if they arise
  • Ensuring smooth day-to-day operations in the laundromat
  • Handling money
  • Other duties as assigned

When you have a pool of applicants to choose from, narrow down the choices based on their resumes and interviews. Look out for potential laundromat staff who have the following skills:

  • Good work ethics and trainable
  • Hard worker who follows directions
  • Friendly and smiles a lot
  • Bubbly personality and outgoing
  • Reliable and timely
  • Attention to detail
  • Problem solver
  • Honest
  • Bilingual

Training Laundromat Staff

After you hire your laundromat staff, it’s essential to start with training, and a lot of it. You’re assured that your staff will follow your business rules and policies, working to your standards and expectations through appropriate training.

You can train your staff in various ways, such as sending them reading materials and videos to go through and giving them hands-on training in the location itself. Here are the basics you should cover:

  • Cleaning the laundromat
  • Maintaining the laundry equipment
  • Processing wash-and-fold orders
  • Handling money
  • Selling items over the counter

Once you’re done with the basics, one important thing to train your staff is providing excellent customer service. Make sure you train your staff to interact with customers appropriately and handle challenging situations, whether with customers or coworkers. Make sure your employees know that the customers come first and treat them with respect and a positive attitude.

Furthermore, make sure you train your staff on emergency procedures and what to do if accidents, robberies, fires, injuries, power outages, and the like happen. Ensure they are aware of the appropriate safety equipment, where they are, how to use them, and how to fill out incident report forms afterward.

Wrapping It Up

Hopefully, this article helped hire and train laundromat staff efficiently. Follow these tips to build a winning team for business success in the long run!

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