Emerging Trends in Data Center Architecture

The digital age has seen an enhanced focus on data. One could even posit that modern systems and trends are built on data and the sheer knowledge it allows a business to possess. Beyond data as information, managing customer data is also a relevant space. Organizations and individuals alike want to keep their data secure, a need that has powered the recent boom in data centers all over the world.

Often, a business looking to invest in a data center narrowly focuses only on the technology at play – from the best storage chips to the fastest processor. Such a narrow focus only ends up as a bottleneck. After all, peak efficiency can only be achieved when architecture and design lead the charge!

As architects increasingly focus on innovating the traditional data center, various trends and solutions have emerged. These have resulted in an end-to-end efficient center, one that generates reliable profits for the business while keeping operational costs competitively low.

Here are some of these trends:

Green Roofs and Sustainable Architecture

Sustainability is a non-negotiable must-have for a data center. Emerging from customer sentiments, ethical considerations, and overall sensitivity to the environment, data center architects are integrating green roofs atop the structure. These roofs provide insulation from a potentially warm climate, reducing energy consumption for cooling.

High-Density Designs

Space is a concern and is always limited. This means that efficiency in a data centre must be achieved not by the latest components but by high-density design. Architects are focusing on efficient space utilization through advanced server racks and optimized layouts. This allows the typical data center to now handle an immense volume of information within a smaller footprint.

Accommodating Liquid Cooling

A data center generates an immense amount of heat and high temperatures. Not managing this cannot only damage components, but also risk a fire. Initial applications of data centers made use of air cooling to handle this challenge. Today, architects are designing centers with liquid cooling in mind. Thus, space can be efficiently used and designated for cooling, resulting in a much more reliable and confident center.

Sustainability, Efficiency, and Reliability are what back the modern data center. To achieve such a center, experts like data center architects Stendel + Reich must be hired. Years of experience, innovation, and design has allowed these experts to stand at the forefront of architecture. So, hiring experts for design ensures a data center that can keep up and adapt to future trends as well.

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Frances Garret