10 Proven Real Estate APIs That Deliver Unrivaled Market Insights

Making informed investment decisions relies on having timely access to reliable data. But, this can be a real challenge with so many segmented and unreliable data sources. Real estate Property Data APIs offer a way for businesses to leverage clean data to build their own custom data analytics tools, pipe data into existing tools, or some combination of the two.

In this article, we’ll share 10 of the best real estate APIs that are designed to help you unlock real estate marketplace insights and drive better investment decision making. By the end of this article, you’ll be equipped with the tools to choose the right real estate API and start leveraging data to access unrivaled market insights.

What is a real estate API?

Real estate APIs are web services that offer access to a wide range of data related to the real estate industry. These APIs can provide information on properties, listings, prices, mortgages, neighborhoods, schools, crime rates, and more. They are valuable for real estate software developers, investors, brokers, agents, and anyone in need of reliable and up-to-date real estate data.

What can real estate APIs be used for?

Real estate APIs can be utilized in various ways to support data-driven decision-making within the real estate industry. They act as a bridge, connecting different software systems and enabling the sharing and utilization of diverse property-related information. Real estate listing APIs can be used to:

  • Develop data analysis tools that offer real estate professionals and investors direct access to market trend data, local property information, and investment insights.
  • Improve user experience and engagement on real estate websites or apps by providing highly relevant information, such as neighborhood walk scores or crime ratings.
  • Automate tasks and workflows for real estate companies, eliminating the need to manually pull, organize, and filter data.
  • Create PropTech products or services that leverage real-time access to real estate data.

What do I need to know about APIs?

If you’re considering leveraging real estate APIs, you might have questions about how APIs work and what you need to know before diving in. Here are some key points to understand about APIs:

  • Functionality: APIs act as intermediaries, handling user or system requests and directing the backend system to provide the necessary information. You can integrate real estate APIs into your software applications to access and use this data.
  • Data Exchange: APIs use data exchange formats like XML, JSON, or others to transfer data between systems or applications.
  • Pricing Models:

Free: Open access without any payment required.

Flat Rate: Unlimited use of the data as long as you pay a set fee.

Frequency Subscription: More data access as you pay more over a certain period.

Data Completeness Subscription: Higher payments provide more comprehensive

or complete data.

Individually Negotiated: Access and pricing tailored to your specific needs.

  • Scope: APIs vary in their offerings. Some provide basic datasets, such as MLS-based real estate listings, while others use AI or machine learning to generate valuable insights from raw data.

Top 10 Picks for Best Real Estate APIs

Navigating the diverse landscape of real estate APIs can be as intricate as real estate investing itself. However, for businesses aiming to establish or enhance their presence in the real estate sector, integrating the right APIs can be transformative. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 standout real estate APIs for businesses. Each of these APIs has the potential to not only improve your operations but also position you at the forefront of the industry. Let’s dive in.

1. ATTOM Property Data API

ATTOM is a leading provider of real estate market data, offering access to over 70 billion data rows and 9,000 unique data attributes for 155 million U.S. properties, covering 99 percent of the nation’s population. ATTOM’s API is a self-service platform that enables users to query and integrate property and neighborhood data into their products and applications.

Category: General – residential & commercial real estate

Data Sources: County assessor and recorder offices, real estate brokers and agents, and third-party providers such as school rating agencies

Architectural Style: REST

Data Available via the API:

Property Data: Property details, addresses, ownership details, recent home sales history, ATTOMIZED AVM, owner and mortgage details, school ratings, property valuations

Area Data: Neighborhood boundaries, school attendance zones

Points of Interest Data: Restaurants, banks, shopping centers

Community Data: Crime statistics, population data, education information, weather stats and averages, commuter times, climate change information

Free Trial Access: ATTOM offers a free trial for its Property Data API. You can request a free trial account on their website.

Price: $850 – $2,000 per month ($$$$)

Rentcast (formerly Realty Mole)

RentCast is a real estate data API offering on-demand access to over 140,000 property records, valuation estimates, active listings, and real estate market trends for residential and commercial properties across the U.S. Powered by Realty Mole, a leading provider of real estate data solutions, RentCast API is designed to meet the data needs of real estate agents, investors, developers, and researchers.

Category: Real estate rentals

Data Sources: Public records, MLS feeds, and listing aggregators

Architectural Style: REST

Data Available via the API:

Property Records: Structural attributes, features, tax assessment history, last sale information, and current owner details

Valuation Estimates: Home value and rent estimates (AVM) based on property characteristics and nearby comparable listings, including an estimated range and a list of comps

Active Listings: For-sale and for-rent listings in all 50 states, with descriptions, statuses, listed prices, and days on the market

Market Trends: Historical rent trends, market averages, and listing composition statistics for any U.S. zip code

Free Trial Access: A free API plan is available, offering up to 50 free API calls per month

Price: $0 – $449 per month ($$)

Zillow Real Estate APIs

Zillow is a leading online real estate marketplace offering data and insights on over 100 million homes across the United States. Zillow APIs are a collection of web services that allow developers to access real estate data from Zillow Group. These APIs provide information on home values, rental prices, neighborhood statistics, mortgage rates, and more. Developers can use the Zillow API to create applications for various platforms and purposes, including websites, mobile apps, research tools, and data analysis.

Access to the data is determined by individual MLS partners in the U.S. and Canada, and the API is currently available by invitation only.

Category: Residential real estate

Data Sources: Public records, user-submitted data, multiple listing services (MLS), and proprietary algorithms

Architectural Style: REST

Data Available via the API:

Home Valuation Data: Zestimate (Zillow’s estimated market value), comparable homes, valuation range, and historical Zestimates

Property Details Data: Address, features, facts, photos, and more

Neighborhood Data: Demographic and geographic data, including population, income, education, crime data, and climate information

Mortgage Data: Current mortgage rates and quotes from multiple lenders, affordability calculators, and other mortgage-related tools

Free Trial Access: Zillow’s APIs are free for non-commercial use, subject to certain usage limits and terms of use. Registration for a Zillow Web Services ID (ZWSID) is required to access the APIs. Additional API calls can be requested if usage limits are exceeded.

Price: $0 – $250 per month ($)

Datafiniti Property Data API

The Property Data API from Datafiniti provides access to 172 million real estate records, including residential and commercial listings, sold properties, rentals, and short-term rentals (STRs). The data enrichment feature allows you to enhance existing property listings by appending additional information from Datafiniti. Besides the property API, users can access data through a search portal and bulk downloads.

Category: Commercial and residential real estate

Data Sources: Online records, third-party data partnerships, public information

Architectural Style: REST

Data Available via the API:

Property Details: Property type, size, year built, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, additional features (e.g., pools, fireplaces, garages)

Listing Data: Real estate agent information, sales prices, rental prices, pet policies, property taxes

Property Location: Address, city, province, state, zip code, latitude, longitude

Property Owner: Current owner name, phone number, email address

Free Trial Access: Users can sign up for a 2-week free trial on the Datafiniti website and access up to 1,000 free records.

Price: $119 – $3,999 per month ($$$$)

Realtors Property Resource

Realtors Property Resource (RPR) is a platform that offers comprehensive data, powerful analytics, and client-friendly reports exclusively for members of the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR). As a member benefit, RPR aids agents, brokers, appraisers, and associations in making informed decisions and impressing clients.

RPR provides access to extensive real estate databases containing over 130 million property records, including public reports, deeds, mortgages, and analytics. Additionally, RPR offers tools and reports to help real estate professionals market their services, communicate with clients, and close more deals.

Category: General – residential & commercial real estate

Data Sources: Public records, multiple listing service (MLS), third-party data providers, and NAR partner organizations

Architectural Style: RPC (Remote Procedure Call) using XML and SOAP protocols

Data Available via the API:

Property Data: Detailed information on over 160 million U.S. properties, including public records, deeds, mortgages, valuations, sales history, tax assessments, school zones, and flood maps

Market Data: Trends, forecasts, and comparisons for local markets, neighborhoods, and properties

Property Location: Demographic, psychographic, and spending data for any geographic area, as well as business points of interest and opportunity zones

Commercial Data: Verified lease and sales comps from CompStak Exchange, and property listings from Crexi

Free Trial Access: RPR does not offer free trial access to its API. However, NAR members can access the RPR website and mobile app for free by creating an account with their NRDS ID.

Price: Free for NAR members ($) is a platform providing access to comprehensive data on over 150 million properties and owners in the US. Geared towards developers aiming to create innovative prop-tech applications with intelligent APIs and machine-learning capabilities, it offers various endpoints for real-time fetching, manipulation, and analysis of real property data.

In addition to the API, there’s a web application featuring search functionality and a CSV generator.

Category: Prop-tech developer-focused

Data Sources: Drawing from over 200 data sources, including county assessor records, MLS listings, public records, proprietary datasets, and third-party vendors.

Architectural Style: REST

Data Available via the API:

Property Detail: Provides physical and financial details for every parcel in the US, covering square footage, lot size, bed/bath count, tax information, mortgages, liens, sales history, foreclosure status, and more.

Property Comps: Returns an array of current comparable sales for a given property based on similarity and proximity.

Parcel Boundary: Offers geographic coordinates of the property boundary for a specified address.

Address Auto-complete: Suggests possible addresses based on user input.

Address Verification: Validates if an address is valid and deliverable.

Property Detail Bulk: Enables users to retrieve property details for multiple addresses in a single request.

Skip Trace Bulk: Allows users to obtain contact information for multiple owners in one request.

Free Trial Access: Offers a 14-day free trial with 500 API calls per day.

Price: Contact the vendor for pricing.


Mashvisor, a real estate data company, furnishes real estate investors and agents with comprehensive insights into property performance, offering both granular and summary-level information. Covering over 450,000 properties across the United States, Mashvisor provides in-depth analysis and up-to-date calculations of performance metrics for cities, zip codes, and neighborhoods.

Category: Residential, short-term & long-term rentals

Data Sources: Drawing from MLS providers, the Airbnb API, public records, census data, user-generated content, and proprietary algorithms

Architectural Style: REST

Data Available via the Property Details API:

Short-term Rental Data: Property details including income, occupancy estimates, cash flow, and reviews to evaluate short-term rental profitability

Long-term Rentals Data: Forecasts of rental income, occupancy, cash flow, and return on investment aiding in identifying profitable long-term investment properties

Property Data: MLS listing information encompassing property characteristics, rental and sales history, tax details, owner information, and neighborhood data for fair market value assessment.

Rental Rates: Estimated average rental rates for short-term and long-term rentals, categorized by the number of bedrooms, facilitating informed pricing decisions

Mashvisor Unique Analytics: Predictive analytics leveraging big data and AI algorithms to assess the investment potential of housing markets and individual rental properties

Free Trial Access: No free trial is available, but a free demo can be requested.

Price: $29.99 – $119 per month ($)


AirDNA stands as a global leader in short-term rental data and analytics, boasting comprehensive insights from over 10 million properties across 120,000+ markets. Leveraging innovative data extraction methods and partnerships with property managers and hosts, AirDNA delivers highly accurate, CBRE-validated data to stakeholders of Airbnb and Vrbo. Their API equips users with invaluable insights into pricing, performance, and profitability, empowering them to achieve their short-term rental objectives. Notably, AirDNA maintains data accuracy levels of 97.5% for active supply of vacation rentals and 96.2% for revenue data, underscoring their dedication to providing reliable, actionable insights.

Category: Short-term rentals

Data Sources: Aggregating data from Airbnb’s website and API, proprietary sources, and machine learning algorithms

Architectural Style: REST

Data Available via the API:

Property Valuations: Annual and monthly revenue, average daily rates (ADR), and occupancy projections along with up to 10 comparable properties

Listing Data: Property attributes and rental performance for single or multiple Airbnb listings, alongside availability data for a specified time frame

Market Data: Comprehensive market statistics for the last calendar month, as well as historical and future data on supply, demand, rates, occupancy, revenue, and RevPAR categorized by bedroom count, month, and year

Property Availability: Availability and estimated price of a single property

Smart Rates: Dynamic pricing data and recommendations for a property

Free Trial Access: While AirDNA doesn’t offer a free trial for its API, users can request a demo or contact the sales team to receive a quote and a private token.

Price: $12 – $599 per month ($$)


Reonomy is a leading provider of commercial real estate intelligence, offering data solutions that connect properties, companies, people, and transactions across the US. Utilizing public records, proprietary sources, and third-party vendors, Reonomy’s verified and enriched data is enhanced through machine learning and human validation.

Category: Commercial real estate

Data Sources: Drawing from public records, proprietary sources, and third-party vendors

Architectural Style: REST

Data Available via the API:

Property Details: Basic information such as address, asset type, building area, lot area, and year built

Ownership Information: Reported owner name, contact information, mailing address, and more

Tenant Information: Tenant name, industry, lease start and end dates, and additional details

Sale Information: Sale date, price, buyer and seller names, and other transaction details

Mortgage Information: Loan amount, lender name, interest rate type, loan type, and more

Foreclosure Information: Foreclosure date, document type, deed category, and related data

Tax Information: Assessed value, tax amount, tax year, and relevant tax details

Parcel Shape Information: GeoJSON representation of property boundaries

Free Trial Access: A 14-day free trial is available for the web application. To access the API, users need to request an API key from Reonomy and sign a contract.

Price: $399 – $1,197 per month ($$$)


CompStak serves as a leading commercial real estate data platform, offering lease and sales comps, property details, and market analytics. Its data originates from verified professionals at commercial brokerages and appraisal firms, supplemented by public records for certain sales comps. CompStak’s products include API integrations enabling users to directly access premium property data from their applications. With access to over 60,000 monthly comps nationwide and featuring over 80 data fields per comp, including rent, address, tenant name, transaction date, lease term, cap rate, and more, CompStak delivers comprehensive insights.

Category: Commercial real estate

Data Sources: Verified professionals at commercial brokerages and appraisal firms contribute lease and sales comps in exchange for platform access. Public records supplement some sales comps. Each comp undergoes extensive review by CompStak’s team of real estate data experts to ensure reliability.

Architectural Style: REST

Data Available via the API:

Market Insights: Rents, concessions, heat maps, and reports for visualization

Property Data: Building comparisons, market rent calculations, historical market rent, free rent, and work value, along with recent lease details

Property Standardization: Match and eliminate duplicate data, handle properties with multiple parcels, addresses, and more

Free Trial Access: While CompStak doesn’t offer a free trial for its API integrations, a demo is available upon request.

Price: Free ($)

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