Communication Compliance in a Remote Work Setup

The coronavirus pandemic has greatly affected the lives of many. People are obliged to stay at home, schools shifted from physical to online classes, and many employees have turned to a work from home setup. With all these restrictions, communication has become even more essential. 

Since employees started working from a remote location, transparency in terms of communication between the client and the company increased. Many online communication platforms such as instant messaging apps are available for a more effective and efficient interaction.

Failing to communicate effectively with clients will result to a disoriented and possible broken reputation of the company or business. 

Instant messaging apps are widely used among organizations, and it is advantageous when talking with clients and company staff or employees. Still and all, communication complianceis needed to reduce communication risks and ensure there are no signs of inappropriate data. 

To guarantee compliance in communication in entities, functions such as data and message archiving and recording are vital. 

Communication compliance can be utilized to ease an organization’s concerns on a variety of compliance fronts.

It can also be used to identify the sharing of specific types of communication at scale across all communication channels.

Moreover, one of best practices to ensure communication compliance is through the use of Unified Call Recording or UCR which helps entities record conversations directly from the network provider. 

It is also essential for businesses to ensure mobile compliance that abides with the company’s text messaging archiving policy. Companies must make sure that all mobile devices or smartphones are safe to use. They can make use of Mobile Device Management or MDM to create the foundation for a secure enterprise mobility. 

Some companies provide employees with smartphones, and some allow their employees and staff to use their own phone as part of their BYOD or Bring Your Own Device policies. 

By allowing employees to use their mobile devices or smartphones, it paves the way for businesses to boost their productivity and efficiency.

It is a common confusion among those who use their personal phones for work that their private conversations are being monitored or recorded, but an archiving software provides a feature where only conversations from the employee’s business account are recorded and monitored. 


TeleMessage is a secure business mobile messaging app that offers compliance, branding, and employee autonomy with various data protection regulations. It provides mobile archiving, secure enterprise messaging, and mass messaging. 

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Theresa Winfrey