5 things that should be on your cleaner’s rota every day

It is essential to have a daily cleaning rota to ensure that standards are upheld in your office. Whether you’ve outsourced these cleaning tasks to a facilities management company (which we highly recommend), or you’ve got an in house team, there are the items that should be on very cleaners daily list: 

1. Empty All Bins

This is an essential task that needs to be completed daily as bins are a place where bacteria and other harmful things can build up if left unchecked. There will be a number of bins around your workspace, including in kitchens, toilets, and private offices. 

If bins are emptied, make sure all liners are replaced. Not every bin will need to be completely changed every day, however, they can be emptied of their limited contents into a single waste bag to avoid using too many bin liners. Empty bins are a great way to make any room look fresh. 

2. Vacuuming and Mopping all floors

Cleaning all floors is important both for the presentation and the cleanliness of your office space. If you have tiled, polished, laminate, or hardwood floors it’s important to mop them to avoid the build-up of stains. Floor polishing and buffing should be done on a regular basis for larger areas. Vacuuming is essential for all floors, including carpets. 

Shampooing or deep cleaning carpets does not need to be done as regularly, but should still be a part of your regular rota. 

3. Disinfect all Surfaces

This has become more important than ever before. Offices are home to high traffic areas and touchpoints that are popular meeting places for bacteria and harmful germs. To keep your employees safe, these surfaces need to be cleaned every day. 

This includes door handles, desks, keyboards, desk phones and other electronics. Use damp wipes wherever possible, otherwise, dry sprays may be more appropriate for electronic items to avoid damaging them. Provide a clear checklist so no items or areas are missed. 

4. Clean Toilets

It should come as no surprise that the toilets need to be cleaned on a regular basis. This includes all sinks, taps, bins, cubicles and urinals. These areas should be bleached and disinfected. Ensure all toilet paper, hand towels, soaps, and other products are fully stocked. 

Your team should also be able to make your maintenance team aware of anything that isn’t working properly or malfunctioning so it can be repaired quickly. 

5. Clean Kitchen

Kitchens are another area that can become dirty very quickly if they aren’t cleaned correctly. Ensure all surfaces are disinfected, and all areas are cleared of any food debris. Appliances such as microwaves, toasters, and kettles should be cleaned regularly too depending on their level of usage, but this does not necessarily need to be a daily task. Use your discretion in this area. 

Final Thoughts

If you want your office to be as clean as possible, why not enlist the services of a London facilities management company? Contact us today to see what we can do for your business. 

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Theresa Winfrey