3 key pointers about car accident cases in Philadelphia 

Car accidents & crashes are not unusual in Pennsylvania. A considerable number of cases are reported every year in Philadelphia, which is Pennsylvania’s largest city, alone. Immediately after an on-road mishap, people often have a hard time taking the right steps. In this post, we are discussing key pointers about state laws and the insurance system and why you should consider hiring one of Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys

  1. This is a choice “no-fault” state. If you opted for no-fault car insurance at the time of purchasing, you would need to file the accident claim with your insurance company. If you had paid for “Limited Tort” coverage, you could sue the other at-fault driver for your monetary losses, such as medical bills. “Full Tort” coverage, on the other hand, allows one to recover financial compensation for all kinds of losses. 
  2. There is a deadline for car accident lawsuits. If you decide to sue the other driver at fault and file a car accident lawsuit, you have to do so within two years. The statute of limitations in Pennsylvania allows the same deadline – two years – for wrongful death claims. This deadline starts from the accident (or the date of death) date. 
  3. This is a modified comparative fault state. If you were injured in a car crash in Pennsylvania and were partly at fault, you can only sue the other driver for their negligence when you are less than 50% at fault. In other words, if you are more responsible than the other party, you cannot recover anything from them. 

Get an injury attorney immediately

Don’t waste your time after the incident, or you may lose valuable evidence and witnesses. A skilled accident lawyer can help investigate the accident and find details that will come in handy for your claim. While most accident lawsuits in Pennsylvania are settled outside the civil court system, there are exceptions. Get an attorney to know your rights and interests. Your lawyer can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf, which is no easy feat. 

Cost of lawyering up

Almost all injury attorneys in Philadelphia work on a contingency fee. In such an arrangement, you only need to pay the lawyer if you win. Your attorney can also help with other expenses until you get paid. Although the contingency fee depends on the experience of a lawyer, you don’t have to pay more than 40% of your recovery. 

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