Working with a packaging manufacturer: Things to note

Not every business out there can afford to have a dedicated team for packaging alone. Companies in Canada often deal with inherent industry-related challenges, including changing seasonal demands. Having a packaging department may not make sense, which is precisely why manufacturers and retailers now rely on outsourcing. From bespoke design ideas to reusable bags of various sizes, a packing partner can help achieve specific goals. If your company is looking for a packaging manufacturer, here are some things that you need to note. 

  1. Look for experience. Your co-packer should be a trusted partner with a flexible capacity. Before anything else, check if they have industry experience. Packaging norms and standards may vary across various industries, and it’s important to hire a company that has been around for a while. 
  2. Discuss the service profile in advance. Plastic packaging requirements are always unique, and things are likely to change with evolving business operations. When you look for a packaging partner, consider what else they bring to the table. Do they have printing services? Do they offer artwork & plate design services? Many companies even assist manufacturers with product development and slitting services. The more you get from a company, the better. 
  3. Consider a local co-packer. A packaging company should be able to deliver materials and finished plastic bags on demand. The location of the business is important. Look for companies in Canada because they would be compliant and will have quicker turnaround times. 
  4. Market standing counts. Reliability is a huge factor in selecting a co-packing service. No matter whether you need plastic bags for food products or are in need of design assistance for retail packaging, look for a company with a credible profile. You can check their clientele and ask for references. 
  5. Start slow, but be steady. Besides production capabilities, a packaging manufacturer is also expected to offer tailored services. If you are working with a company for the first time, you should start with smaller orders to understand sample qualities better. However, you need to ensure that you work with a company for at least a couple of seasons to know their expertise better. 

Engaging the right packaging manufacturer to match your production needs is crucial for your business. Take your time to establish a relationship with your packaging partner, and you can expect to scale up your operations without worrying about materials or design needs. To shortlist top companies, check online now!

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Coral Lasalle