When To Expect Your Medical Evaluation Exam Report Back?

Workplace accidents and injuries remain a rising concern in the country. Fortunately, every worker is backed with workers’ compensation insurance, which compensates injured workers for their injuries and lost wages. 

As soon as the worker sustains injuries at the workplace, it is essential to seek medical assistance. Any delay in the medical treatment can cause adverse effects when you file for the claim, and the insurance company may use it to deny the claim. 

After getting medical treatment, the victim can file for compensation with the help of a workers compensation lawyer in phoenix. As part of the claim, the employer’s insurance company will request an Independent Medical Exam (IME), where a doctor will examine all the injuries the victim claimed to have. 

What happens at an Independent medical exam?

During the IME, the insurance company will appoint a doctor who will go through your injuries and reports. The doctor will question you about your injuries and assist you with what to do during the exam. 

It is vital to know that the IME doctor cannot treat you. However, they can only suggest what you should have done instead. During the exam, a nurse may be present who will not interact with the victim. The nurse will only maintain notes about the exams. 

The sole purpose of the exam is to determine the extent of your injuries, which will decide your compensation amount. While the doctor may seem concerned and friendly, it is essential to remember that they are hired by the insurance company and will try to look for any reason to refuse your claim. Therefore, do not provide any information unless asked and remain polite. 

When to expect your IME report back?

Usually, the victim gets information about their claim’s status within 14 days. People who file the claim online can easily track it through their claim number and see if the IME has been reviewed. If it has been more than a month with no response, the victim can contact ICA. 

Moreover, to eliminate all the hassle, the victim can get in touch with a workers’ compensation lawyer who can assist with all the legal aspects. The lawyer will also keep track of your claim’s status and ensure that everything happens promptly. Lastly, in some cases, the lawyer is also allowed to be present during the IME to take notes about the exam and make sure you do not commit any mistake that can ruin the claim. 

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