What to think of when your e-commerce business has outgrown your current premises

You may have started your e-commerce business from home or by renting a small office area; however, in the recent shift of shopping habits (which are continuing along the same path), you could very well find that you are now requiring much larger premises to house your business and deal with your orders.

Inform your past and present customers

When you are moving business premises, it is important that you inform all of your existing customers, especially those that you are currently engaged in business with. This is because a lot of customers will go back and purchase again from businesses that they have received good service from and have liked the products they brought rather than try a totally different company.

If your customers like what you do, they will also recommend you to others, which will bring in more customers to your order books. If they do not have your correct business details or contact numbers, then these extra orders will not be placed with your business as your past customers will just assume that you have gone out of business.

Think about security

When you move your business site, you will have to think about the security of the new site. If you are moving a fair distance from your previous business site, it may be a case that you do not know the area particularly well, and you may find that you have issues with gangs of youths hanging around being problematic to you, your employees, or your customers.

They might just hang around in the evening so that you will not necessarily know that they have been there apart from the debris and any damage that may have occurred during the evening.

If you find that this is the case, then there is help at hand. For instance, has a product called a mosquito speaker that emits a high-pitched frequency that will deter youths from congregating within hearing range. Its frequency cannot be heard by those aged 25 and above.

Hire additional staff

As your business expands, it is likely that you are going to have to hire more staff to help with the growing number of orders that you will receive. This can be a tough call to make, as on the one hand you will be at a stage where your current staff is struggling to cope, but on the other, you may not be making enough extra money to make hiring extra staff a profitable move.

This is where it is a good idea to look at hiring the services of sub-contractors from agencies or even outsourcing other areas of your business to either free up time or cut costs. These extra employees will be paid for when they work for you, and if you find that you no longer require their services, you can end the contracts without feeling like you are letting a member of your workforce go.

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Caroline Young