What Makes Your House Unsellable (And How You Can Close in a Week)


In the Dallas/Fort Worth area, that could mean your home is located near the airport. Although this can be convenient when your relatives are in town, the constant noise pollution and traffic really do bring down your listing’s value to those looking to spend their cash on a new place. Other undesirable locations depend on the neighborhood around you, the view from your backyard, and where in the greater metropolitan area you are located. These are circumstances outside your control that could make your home difficult to sell.

Smoke or Pet Damage.

A house that’s belonged to a smoker for a number of years will likely have a residual smell and maybe even wall coloration that buyers are less than interested in. If you have a cat as well, the pet odor might be the deal-breaker for the traditional market. You can spend all the cash you want on air fresheners, but the smell of cats isn’t one that’s easily conquered.


If your walls have mold or another environmental flaw, it makes buyers concerned about the overall cash value of your home. In the Dallas/Fort Worth area, humidity is working against you on this one, so many houses have some sort of mold problem at one time or another that requires an expensive solution if you want your house to be sellable.

Bad Build.

From outdated architecture to real foundation issues, a builder’s choices for your house can place you at a disadvantage in the traditional market. These can be fixed, sometimes, but it will cost you thousands of dollars that you might not get back.

Maintenance Issues.

Upkeep on a house can be overwhelming, particularly if you’re dealing with storm or fire damage within your walls or roof. But a prospective owner isn’t going to want to pay cash for more problems. Most buyers look for a home with minimal maintenance issues, if any, so they can focus on settling in and enjoying their new location.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of making your house perfect for potential buyers, consider a Dallas/Fort Worth cash home buyer. Joe Homebuyer is a wholesale buyer who will purchase your home for cash no matter the condition. Their website promises a ten-minute cash estimate and a seven-day close. If you want to sell your unsellable house in a week, contact Joe Homebuyer in Dallas/Fort Worth today.

Joe Homebuyer is a Dallas Fort Worth cash home buyer who will purchase your home for cash no matter the condition.

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