What can you expect to get from PRO Services

The public relations officer in Dubai is entrusted with the task of sharing information communicated by the company. This includes both general announcements and more specialized information, such as details on new products or brand positioning.

What is public relations?

Public relations covers a range of activities and disciplines centred around how an organization promotes itself to the public (including journalists). The objective of PRO services  is to make the organisation more appealing to its customers and future customers, improve its reputation, but also communicate what it does for society. It’s about understanding who your audience is, what their needs are and how best to reach them.


  1. Commercial license application and renewal: To apply for a new commercial license or renewal, applications must be submitted to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in person.

2.Immigration and visa approvals:

Companies are required to obtain visas for foreign personnel before coming to Saudi Arabia. If a person is already in Saudi Arabia working illegally, they can obtain a work visa from the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs if their employer approves it. The work permit will be based on the employment contract and will list what sector they can work in, as well as how much they are allowed to pay themselves an hour.

  1. General administration paperwork:

Companies are required to submit an application for a commercial license and non-commercial licenses, as well as immigration approvals for foreign staff to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Amer services can guide better

  1. Transactions with the Ministry of Health:

Obtaining a commercial or non-commercial license requires completing transactions with the Ministry of Health.

  1. Transactions with the Municipality:

Companies are required to submit applications to the Municipality in order to obtain licenses. The company must present a trade license, and list all activities it is engaged in. If a company wants to change its activity, it too must apply for a new license from the Municipality before making any changes; otherwise they risk being fined or shut down by authorities.

  1. Transactions with the Notary Public – The Notary’s Office is responsible for registering people as a primary or co-owner of land, property, real estate, buildings, and other movable objects in Chile through its Notarías or notarial functions ().As an owner or co-owner you will be able to own rights over property such as contracting it for construction purposes or renting it out to others that may be enjoying its benefits in return under a contract (The Mercantile Registry).

The Notary is also responsible for confirming legal documents; this may include mortgages and leases which are of great interest to Chilean citizens. The Notary is responsible for registration of documents such as mortgages and leases, and real estate transactions. The office is responsible for the issuance of the “domiciliación vigente” or “Domiciliary Authority” which establishes the beneficial ownership of property

  1. Judicial process – This is the procedure by which an action in court takes place. It is carried out by the judge who will ultimately determine the ruling of the case.
  1. Notarial process – This is a professional process that involves one or more notaries, and as such, each notary acts as a legal advisor to their clients. These professionals publicize and register documents that may be used in an action in court or elsewhere. Additionally, a notary may act as an advisor to their clients who use contracts. In some cases, the notariado de público (public notary) will not be used to register contracts but instead to establish that a public document was actually made by its author.


It is important to provide as much information as possible to the companies and government officials who handle a multitude of papers and other records.Professional PRO services can handle it better

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