What are the perks associated with the UAE Golden visa?

The uae golden visa is a unique residency permit that entitles holders to ten years of residence within any of the Emirates. This visa was first introduced in 2019, but as of right now, eligibility has expanded, adding more vocations to the requirements and providing more perks for family members. There are now even more options for obtaining this highly desired visa.

Knowing the advantages and privileges you may be eligible for is important. A typical UAE resident visa holder does not currently enjoy as many benefits to that as a golden visa holder.

  • Prolonged residency rights: The UAE golden visa, introduced in 2019, grants holders extended residency rights. For a maximum of ten years, the individuals who have been granted one may live in the country with their dependents, as opposed to every 2 to 3 years for those who have a regular resident visa. This implies that immigration renewal is not necessary for as long as ten years.
  • Work or stay that is self-sponsored: Holders of a UAE golden visa may reside, work, and study in the emirate for the duration of their visa. Even if they find employment locally or somewhere else. Without the necessity for private sponsorship, the holder may work for either themself or some other company (regional or otherwise). The Emirates Golden Visa allows holders to stay in the nation indefinitely without finding a job, in contrast to the regular resident visa.
  • Legal property rights: The very same legal rights are applicable if you move to the UAE on your golden visa. Your own home may be legally purchased in your name. Financial actions like buying and selling capital assets and investing in companies are both allowed. All of this is made available without any additional effort or expense by utilizing the golden visa. Your family members can receive these benefits in addition to you.
  • Possibility of sponsoring infinite domestic assistants and dependents: It provides support for an individual who can sponsor their other family members. If the primary bearer of the Emirates Golden Visa passes away while the ten-year visa is still in effect, their family members may live there until the natural expiration of the visa. A limitless number of household helpers may be employed and supported by holders of this sort of visa.
  • Extensive stay outside the UAE: Emirates golden visa holders can spend extended periods just outside of the UAE without jeopardizing their eligibility or visa validity. If you stay outside the country for longer than six months, your ordinary resident visa will be invalid.
  • Requesting a driving license: Getting a valid driving license won’t be difficult if you want to relocate to Dubai, regardless of whether or not you know how to ride or want to acquire one. Driving classes and obtaining your driver’s license are both possible in Dubai.
  • Bundle deals for upscale healthcare: It was revealed in late July that UAE nationals with golden visa insurance policies will pay up to 20,000 Dhs in claims.
  • Stands to benefit Investors: Real estate tycoons and investors from all over the world frequently purchase properties and buildings in Dubai. Golden visas make it simple for them to do so, and it won’t be difficult for them to have a legitimate estate registered in their names as long as they invest the necessary sum of 5 million, beyond which there will be no conceivable restrictions.
  • Esaad privilege card from the Dubai Police: This was announced in a press release made in late July that Emirates gold visa holders now would be qualified to use the Esaad advantage permit issued by the General Authority. More than 7,000 brands and companies in the Emirates and 92 other countries offer special discounts under this privilege card.


If you are going to live and visit some of the exceptional tourist destinations, like the future museum in Dubai, make sure to apply for a golden visa.

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