What Are The Benefits of Mattress Recycling

Are you trying to reduce your impact on the planet and your carbon footprint? Let us talk about mattress recycling. The correct disposal of mattresses is becoming a worldwide issue. In the US, around 20 million mattresses are thrown away of in landfills and incinerators yearly, using an enormous amount of space and polluting the environment.

Thankfully, there is a solution! You may recycle your mattress to help our planet, save money, and get additional benefits that we explain in this article. For more information on how to recycle your mattress, contact Mind Your Mattress Recycling

Advantages of Mattress Recycling

  • Save the environment.

It might surprise you when you find out that a single mattress could take up over 40 cubic feet in a landfill. That is a significant quantity of space wasted! Mattresses not only occupy space on the planet but also create harmful substances during their breakdown. Methane gas, which is released when mattresses and other organic waste products decompose in landfills, plays a major part in climate change and global warming. Mattress recycling, however, can help avoid such hazards. 

Mattress recycling reduces waste in landfills and advances a circular economy by reusing metal, foam, and wood to create new products. Recycled mattress parts can be used for creating new flooring, padding, and insulation goods.

  • Saving Money

It is expensive to get a new mattress and to dispose of an old one. Yet, have you ever considered donating or selling your old mattress? Selling your old mattress for an acceptable cost could help you save money on a new one. In addition, you can donate the mattress to charitable organizations, which will help someone in need as well as save you money on disposal.

In addition, customers who want to buy a refurbished mattress can achieve this at a lower cost and thus encourage sustainable practices by decreasing trash.

  • Supporting the local economy

Mattress recycling is a local sector that promotes employment and the community’s economy. Mattress recycling facilities hire workers to tear down, classify, and recycle the materials. By supporting neighborhood mattress recycling companies, you help your society’s economy and the environment at the same time. In reality, efforts to recycle mattresses have the potential to boost the economy by bringing in fresh jobs and money for the community. 

  • Health benefits

Did you know that dust mites and other allergies can survive on your old mattress? Mattresses gather dirt, sweat, and germs with age, which may give rise to respiratory issues, allergic responses, and other illnesses such as neck and back discomfort.

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