Virginia workers’ compensation: Quick aspects worth knowing

Were you injured on the job? Workplace accidents are not rare in Virginia, and as a victim, you have the right to seek a settlement under the workers’ compensation system. The settlement is meant to cover your medical bills and part of your lost wages. In this Virginia work injury guide, we are sharing some of the basic but key aspects worth knowing. 

  1. You must inform your employer. Injured workers are responsible for informing their respective supervisors or employers of their injury. While you should consider reporting your injury on the same day, the state laws in Virginia allow you to seek workers’ compensation benefits as long as you report the incident within 30 days. Expert lawyers always recommend workers to avoid delaying this key step. 
  2. You should seek medical treatment. Don’t let your coworker or supervisor tell you that your injuries are not serious. In fact, you should seek medical treatment without any delay. The injury doctor is the person who will say that your injuries are of a certain kind, or you need rest for a certain time. You need all the evidence and medical records that you can find to support your workers’ compensation claim. 
  3. You must file a Claim Form with the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission. If you want the workers’ compensation benefits, you must complete the form with the Commission. Even when the insurance company is paying for your medical care and lost wages, you should take this step to protect your rights. Also, you need to complete the form and submit to the Commission within the given time of two years from the date of injury as per the statute of limitations. 
  4. You should consider lawyering up. Many injured workers often undermine the need for legal representation. Keep in mind that insurance companies are not interested in paying for workers’ compensation claims because claims dent their profits. You need a lawyer to protect your rights and ensure that you don’t settle for anything less. Your lawyer also knows the ins and outs of the workers’ compensation system and can explain your rights and legal options. 

Check online now to find more about workers’ compensation lawyers near you. You can also talk to fellow workers who have worked with lawyers in the past and get references. You should seek legal advice at the earliest so that you don’t end up losing valuable evidence and have a clear strategy for your claim. 

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Caroline Young