Trending Website Designs to Watch

Web designs are continually evolving, and it can be hard to keep up. New designs today can suddenly be outdated the following week. However, this doesn’t change the importance of a website as a vital marketing channel for your business. Due to the importance of websites, your website design must match recent trends. However, ensuring your website stays trendy doesn’t mean the site shouldn’t engage visitors anymore. To help you prepare for future web design ideas, below are trending website design to keep a close eye on.

Bold Typography

Many companies today are discovering this new trend. Top companies use big and bold typography to anchor their homepages. This website design trend helps to draw a visitor’s attention to what’s essential. However, this style works best when the rest of the page is clean. Big typography aligns well with a minimalist design.


Another new website design trend that doesn’t seem to be going away is cinemagraphs. It is the use of top-quality videos or GIFs that are on a continuous loop. This new trend helps to add visual interest to static pages. Sometimes, you can use full-screen loops on your website to draw visitors’ interest in a simple page.

A Mixture of Vertical and Horizontal Texts

Another web design trend that helps to improve an otherwise simple page is mixing vertical and horizontal texts. Instead of simply conforming to the typical horizontal alignment of pages, you could try something new. Place some of the texts in a vertical position to provide new dimensions to the page. This website trend also works well with a minimal page.


This website design trend is also one of the top trends that seems to be here to stay. Web designers are straying from simply organized websites to structures that defy the conventional. Many famous brands are taking this route and incorporating alternative design elements into their websites. Most times, sites that implement a brutalism trend are hard to describe. However, you will recognize such a website when you see them.

Saturated Gradients

Although gradients have been around for a while, it seems they’ve come to stay. More and more websites are implementing saturated gradients into their websites. Gradients work to make the website look fresh and modern. You can explore a full-screen, gradient-washed homepage for your website redesign or website launch.

Serif Font

Because of a limited screen resolution and little font support online, serif font wasn’t popular in the past. However, the recent improvements have given serif fonts a chance to shine recently. They’re one of the modern looks you can implement on your website. Using a serif font adds sophistication to your website automatically.

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Caroline Young