Top platforms of mentoring you should know about

Before you start looking for a mentor, make a list of your specific goals and the type of role you want the mentor to play in your career. Would you like someone to help you with your stalling networking efforts, learn more about a particular niche, or give you advice on how to be a successful entrepreneur? Clarifying your expectations, goals, and objectives can help you find the perfect mentor and build partnerships to help you achieve your career ambitions. Don’t limit yourself and think beyond. Great mentors can be present in many settings, so look beyond your current workplace.

Mentors can provide the support a business needs while an entrepreneur is trying to acquire new clients and grow. Many business owners find that working with a mentor allows them to learn and grow in a collaborative environment. They often have access to a broader network of more experienced entrepreneurs who can help them find financing or resources. Mentors can help students gain the knowledge they need to make essential decisions about their future.

However, finding a decent mentor when their network of expertise is limited is one of the toughest challenges entrepreneurs and students face. Fortunately, technology has provided a solution.

Four factors to consider in a mentoring platform

You may be curious to know what factors contribute to the success of advisor platforms. After all, you can’t decide which is better without knowing what makes the mentoring program so great. So here are four things to consider (that we’ve looked at) when looking for the best advisor software.

  1. Full participant profile

Profiles sometimes get a bad reputation because of their “boring” nature. But a complete profile is a powerful digital identity that helps match mentors. When signing up for a mentoring platform, it is essential to add demographic information such as job title, department, location, contact details, work history, passion, and goals. An integrated filing system that facilitates the filing process with certain information pre-populated is a plus.

  1. Powerful advisor matching system

The mentor-mentor pairing is not guesswork. A value-added advisor platform will have an efficient matching system to read user-profiles and suggest recommendations. A well-organized mentoring platform also doesn’t have a buddy system in place. Instead, it is very flexible and ready for different user preferences.

Therefore, this means including self-managing (mentor seeking a mentor), administrative (organization appointing a mentor an appropriate mentor), and automated (algorithm) match based on filter and criteria).

  1. Collaboration tools to foster relationships

Matching an enthusiastic mentor with the right mentor is half the battle. Successful mentoring platforms should also encourage and support post-game communication. This is why collaboration tools are essential in advisor platforms to help make this happen.

You want to make sure that the mentoring system allows mentees and mentees to post messages, ask/answer questions, share links and documents, schedule events, and even assign activities learning for maximum participation and growth. It would be a plus if everything was saved with an easily accessible history tab so users could revisit old lessons and conversations to refresh memory and store notes.

  1. Continuous growth tracking and reporting

Mentoring platforms are about growth. Online platforms are unique because, unlike real-world mentoring relationships, accountability is more easily captured with referenceable displays and charts. Program coordinators, mentors, and mentees can leverage built-in tools with monitoring capabilities to manage performance, double effective smart mentoring activities, and grow.

Strategies include getting more mentor involvement and driving the overall success of the program through the power of data. However, avoid any advisor platform that promises a system that will work on its own. Efficiency and productivity can be achieved through commitment and active effort; However, this potential display system will not “work on its own”. Keep it in mind.

Some of the best online mentoring platforms:


They have handy tools to help you advance in your careers, such as a comprehensive job search engine with filters including industry, experience level, remote work, job size, etc.

The Muse also has a comprehensive business search engine to find the right work environment to thrive and thrive under exemplary leadership and mentorship. You get an accurate picture of the company culture through informative articles, photos, and videos from corporate offices and employee testimonials. It is a great tool for those who want to apply to the company, looking for opportunities other than the job title. The “TIPS” table in the title of their blog section is filled with career advice.


It focuses on connecting founders with direct-to-consumer (DTC) startup advisors to help scale their businesses efficiently. With a monthly subscription, members benefit from a coach for individual sessions and have access to a network of experts. It helps overcome challenges in different areas, like sales, product management, engineering, fundraising, branding, and more.


MicroMentor provides an intuitive instant messaging system so that mentors and organizations can effectively communicate advice, and targets, and hold mentees accountable for their goals. As MicroMentor caters to organizations and teams, they offer customizable branded solutions to personalize the mentoring experience and platform.

MicroMentor’s automated notification system sends mentors and mentees important announcements or invitations via email to ensure participants stay up to date on activities and accountability. This advisor system also, has guidance and monitoring capabilities with engagement tracking, reporting, and statistics.


It includes reporting features that allow organizations to easily track the progress of mentoring relationships. Employees don’t need to use new mentoring software because the mentoring platform integrates with their existing email and calendar systems. It supports different types of mentoring and offers different manuals and courses to facilitate a smooth mentoring process.


One of the fastest-growing mentoring platforms. The platform has vetted and well-qualified professionals. Clients from all around the world praise the services they received. You can start your journey on askme by creating an account and filtering your expectations about the mentor. You then can choose from the list of professionals, who seem best suited for you.

Choosing the right mentor for yourself can be an overwhelming task, but with the right steps taken, you can have your desired results.

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