The Importance of Pre-School Education

An observation made during the late 90s in America reveals quite an alarming report. It was identified that almost 75 percent of males in prison had poor educational records with very low IQs. Further research exposed the fact that the majority of them were from needy homes, which affected their early and continuous educational development. As a result, most of them can’t read, count, or write, with a few others trying to read and write with difficulties. This unfavorable system was linked to their driving force to use violent means to survive. In this case, they trade a Centre Point School education for a thug’s life. With the misconception that this unhealthy way of life will save them from poverty and allow them to be financially established.

Get the right facts

Despite the report, few countries have been able to resolve similar issues, which is a major contributor to social vices. Scientific research also shows that both the right and left-brain hemispheres are more responsive in girls than in boys. Meaning, girls’ brains develop twice as fast as those of boys within the early stages of 0 to 10 or 11 years. This shows how devastating it can be for children, especially boys, within these ages to be deprived of a solid Centre Point school education.

The way out

During Centre Point school training, a child’s brain is exposed to four basic developmental changes. However, it is important to know that the brain is very active and receptive. To the extent that it picks both positive and negative stimulation presented to it to build its structure, the daily encounters children face will either shape their growth in the right direction or not. Hence, care must be taken when it comes to handling early childhood minds. It is just like a blank sheet of paper where whatever you put on becomes the reflection thereafter. Well established schools see the need to involve parents in their children’s education. Because, at the end of the day, the children are the property of their parents, not the Centre Point school. 

Parents are involved always

Parental involvement helps parents and guardians understand the syllabus their children are structured under. Parents with less educational experience or training background also get to know how to help their children with their studies at home. So, be it home schooling or school assignments, they are able to be a part of their child’s academic development. Parent Centre Point school involvement actually goes way beyond academic and skill development, especially for parents with special kids. It can be very frustrating to hear that your healthy little one has been diagnosed with a condition that will affect his or her life temporarily or for life. Some parents who are insecure will either abandon the child or keep the child locked away from the world. And this causes more harm than good because it leaves every child with unique and special abilities despite the health crisis. 


There are many individuals and organizations that have benefited from the right learning environment created for special kids. This has led many to invest in special schools as well as support them. These schools are established with similar Centre Point school structures. Only that, the methodology, materials, and activities used in teaching are different. They have been made that way to suit the needs of the children enrolled there.

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Caroline Young