The Best Translation Software

  • Google Translate
  • Word Lens
  • Microsoft Translator

The Best Translation Sites

  1. Reverso
  2. World lingo
  3. Translatedict
  4. Bing Microsoft Translator
  5. Free Translation
  6. Babylon

Translation Process in 5 Steps

The translation process is not limited to converting a text from one language to another, but it goes beyond that. The translation process is not a complicated matter, but it requires a lot of effort and professionalism, so Translation Company Dubai is keen to appoint professional translators.Once you enter this field, you must be familiar with the stages that the document to be translated goes through, and this is what we will present.

  1. Determine the scope of text to be translated

All accredited translation offices must include project managers, who determine the scope of the text to be translated and distribute it to translators specialized in this field, as well as determine the appropriate price and the time needed to translate this text. After that, the role of the translator comes, as he should do the following:

  • Read the text several times and do an initial search for it.
  • Define basic concepts and terminology.
  • Divide the text into several paragraphs.
  1. Text translation

When starting to translate the text from the source language into the target language, there are several measures that the translator must take into account, including:

  • Transfer the text to be translated as it is without distortion, taking into account consistency in the translation.
  • To be familiar with the culture of the target language country.
  • Consider of the target audience.

It is preferable that the target language be the native language of the translator in order to ensure a certain level of accuracy and consistency.

  1. Proofreading and Editing

It is the stage of ensuring the quality of the translation as a consistent text. After the translation of the text is completed, the revision and proofreading stage comes. Despite the fact that the translator is professional and accurate, the text must go through the stage of proofreading and editing, for the following reasons:

  • Verify the accuracy of terminology.
  • Compare between the source language and the target languages.
  • Ensure that all parts of the text are translated.
  • Ensure that there are no grammatical or spelling errors.
  • Check punctuation, numbers, mathematical symbols, units of measurement, conversions…etc.
  1. Quality Assurance

This stage comes to ensure the final product and verify its compliance with all the requirements of the client. The accredited translation offices are keen to ensure that the translated document meets the highest quality standards (QR).

  1. Delivery Stage

There is no doubt that adherence to delivery dates is one of the most important characteristics that must be available in accredited translation offices. Quality and accuracy alone are not sufficientas the accuracy of delivery dates must be taken into consideration.

The translation process may seem complicated to some, but there are basic standards that if the translator adheres to them, it will be very easy for him. In addition, there are many means that facilitate the matter for translators, including important programs and websites in the field of translation.

The Best Translation Software:

  1. Google Translate
  • It is the most popular software that supports 109 different languages.
  • Displays word definitions, translation information, and examples of phrases and sentences.
  • You can download the language package you want and then use it at any time without the need for Wi-Fi.
  • Unfortunately, this program has witnessed many failures, but it is still considered one of the best translation applications since its launch in 2006.
  1. Word Lens
  • This program supports 27 languages.
  • Internet connection is not required, so it is suitable in cases of travel outside the country.
  1. Microsoft Translator
  • This program supports 42 languages.
  • Internet connection is not required.
  • Translates texts through your mobile camera.

The Best Translation Sites:

  1. Reverso
  • It has a spell checker.
  • Supports more than 12 languages.
  • Provides contextual translations as examples.
  1. World Lingo
  • Supports audio files.
  • You can send emails through it, as it translates and sends it to the competent authority.
  1. Translatedict
  • Supports more than 51 languages.
  • Provides the translated text in audio format.
  1. Bing Microsoft Translator
  2. Free Translation
  3. Babylon

Now after we know the steps of the translation process, and the best programs and sites that are important in the translation process, there are some important questions about the translation process we usually receive depending on our long experience as legal translator in Dubai, including:

  • Do all translators have to follow these steps?

Each translator has his own style in the translation, but no matter how different this style is, and no matter how professional the translator is, he must verify these steps in order to ensure a high-quality and error-free translation.

  • Does the translation process have to be so rigorous?

The purpose of these steps is not to make the translation process difficult and complicated, but rather to make it good andproduce a high-quality and accurate translation, which is what all translation offices strive for, so it must be ensured that all translated documents go through these stages to ensure their quality.

  • Does speed affect the translation process?

Of course, the speed affects the translation process, but in most cases negatively. Translation needs a lot of focus, as it depends mainly on the translator’s mind, which naturally needs time to review and proofread to produce a high-quality and accurate translation. No matter how many aids in the translation process, the translator is the main link in this process. Therefore, translation offices must save the time needed to produce high-quality translations that meet the requirements of clients.


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