Ten types of product sampling programs to consider in 2022


Product Sampling is when companies develop the word about their product by letting users test it before buying it under the Product sampling program. With product sampling, you provide free samples of your new products to your estimated audience to obtain traffic and consciousness.

The product sampling method is a manner that has helped many businesses thrive, even when they face massive opposition in the market under Dry sampling. However, it is a computed method that you need to understand before trying it out thoroughly under the Product sampling program.

Product sampling has been a friendly and effective way for product awareness and customer loyalty under the Product sampling program. Many brands and companies have availed from product sampling to present their new goods to their targeted customers and increase turnover under Dry sampling.

  • Traditional product sampling methods, like experiential marketing and direct mail, have always been a go-to for getting the product into the hands of consumers under the Product sampling program.
  • Sampling permits consumers to try a product before buying it, which helps familiarize them with one specific brand when making an in-store purchase decision under the Dry sampling method.

It’s a great way to generate in-person interactions between brands and consumers and, if appropriately situated, can encourage impulse purchases under the Product sampling program.

Benefits of Product Sampling:

  • It presents attentional traffic towards the product.
  • It gives firsthand information about what customers think about it, which is excellent for improvement purposes
  • It makes person-to-person contact with the consumer and therefore sets up foundations of trustworthiness

Types of product sampling programs:


Samplrr helps brands with customized business strategies to create product awareness of new and existing products to have a broader reach within the target audience. Samplrr is a performance-driven product sampling, customer engagement, and strategic alliance agency.

As a Product Sampling Agency, Sampler presents a unique mixture of technology, strategic centre group sampling, and experienced marketing professionals to connect to potential customers through estimated activations. We assist in launching new products in the market and collecting valuable customer feedback.


The Bazaarvoice platform allows businesses to collect and publish authentic feedback from their customers, who can review products and services, ask questions, and post photos and videos of their experiences with products under the Product sampling program.


PowerReviews assists companies to gather ratings and reviews from customers, building Q&A content, syndicating reviews across retailers and search engines, and measuring outcomes under the Dry sampling method. The company also provides managed services to help businesses improve customer engagement under the Product sampling program.


IZEA offers its enterprise influencer marketing suite of applications and services, including IZEA Discovery for locating influencers and content creators.


Connections allow clients to connect with brands looking to reach their clients’ community quickly and efficiently under the Product sampling program.


The package is an online product sampling platform that helps CPG companies with brand awareness, boost sales, fetch early market feedback, and build brand loyalty under the Dry sampling method.


Samples is a small product sampling platform.


PRIZELOGIC is an independent digital engagement company that combines incentives, experience, and insight to influence customer behaviour.


Purity is a brand experience agency that creates, delivers, and supports projects worldwide under the Product sampling program. The company uses insights, creativity, and planning tools alongside processes in project management, operations, logistics, and promotional staffing under the Dry sampling method.

Different types of product sampling are:

Event-based product sampling

The trick with event-based product sampling is to focus on applicability under the Dry sampling method. If you can gate smash an event and give away free samples of a product that the viewer is interested in, that’s the path to success under the product sampling program.

Guerrilla product sampling

Marketing should always attempt to be memorable; that’s how brand loyalty is created under the Dry sampling method. When you use an inventive guerrilla marketing campaign to put a product into the hands of a consumer, it can be remarkably effective. So, when you merge an experience with a freebie, that’s authoritative.

The only potential difficulty with guerrilla product sampling is a lack of control over the audience, making connecting with the right profile of customers tricky under the product sampling program.

Supermarket product sampling

At its most primary, product sampling is a numbers competition. The more people your product reaches, the better your chance of securing sales and growing your business under the Dry sampling.

There is not much to hate about supermarket product sampling, but the only issue is that of budget. Leaning on the store can cost more than a penny to get permission to land the opportunity under the Product sampling method.

Segmented product sampling

Segmented product sampling revolves around only delivering your product into the hands of a person interested in that sort of thing under the Dry sampling method.

Product sampling communicates with the customers and is a starting point to build a foundation of trust under the Product sampling program. It is essential in maintaining customers and linearly raising your sales.

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