Roof Types And Their Characteristics

When buying a roof, there are some types and characteristics that you should look out for. Below are what you should know, also you can visit our website for more information:

Apparent Roof

The most popular type of roof in the market is an exposed roof, which is made of a timber framework covered in tiles. It is visible, as the name suggests. Thus, it needs to be decorated with high-quality tiles. The building’s eaves, which project outside, have the potential to grab a lot of attention. The availability of materials and trained personnel is one of the roof’s key benefits. No issues arise in this regard because it is widely shared. Another significant benefit is the runoff of rain that the “waters” create. Depending on the scale of the construction, different “waters” can be used to operate on this type of roof. We go into further detail on this below.

“Water” From The Exposed Roof

The purpose of the “water” portions of a roof, which are typically separated into sections, is to drain rainwater. The size of the project will determine its amount, and the tile’s parameters will determine the slope. When beginning the job, considerations such as the house’s architectural style (including whether it is semi-detached or not), the direction the rainwater will be directed, and the location of the gutters must be made.

The smaller homes or even the Edicules, located at the back of the houses, frequently have the 1 water roofs installed. Most homes have gabled roofs. It is noted when the area is more than 4 square meters and water needs to be drained from all sides. The ridge is the name of the main dividing line between the two waters. In turn, larger homes or those with distinctive architectural features are advised to have roofs with three pitches or more.


The built-in roof, concealed in the building’s front, is frequently employed in new buildings. It provides dwellings with a contemporary appearance and can have different aesthetics. To conceal the roof and gutters, a type of wall known as a plat band is built there. The facade is made simpler and more angular in this way. Its key benefit is the ability to use less expensive materials, like fiber cement or aluminum tiles, and aesthetics. Typically, these tiles may be applied more quickly. The application of these tiles is usually faster and cheaper than the others. However, if the waterproofing is inadequate, infiltrations may occur, which may even harm the structure. Make to use a trusted company for replacement and repairs of roofs.

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