Online The Brand-new Worldwide E-commerce of VAMA Divani

VAMA Divani, an essential Italian business that creates sofas, sofa beds, upholstered beds along with other furnishings, has produced a totally new official e-commerce dedicated to worldwide customers.

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VAMA Divani produces rigorously in Italia, exactly in Toscana, within the little country near Arezzo known as Pratovecchio.

The business is called a geniune icon of Produced in Italia non only because hasn’t outsourced, but in addition because produces only in traditional way, because of the understanding about its craftsmen.

Past the business is essential: two professionals of upholstery, Fabio and Virgilio Magrini, founded it in 1983, after lots of important knowledge about this sector.

VAMA Divani immediately elevated to get reference permanently furnishings in Toscana, plus 2008 the company founded the first official e-commerce coded in Italian, so dedicated to Italian consumers.

Lots of customers throughout Italia have selected VAMA Divani to purchase quality furniture online, now is possible to purchase getting a few simple click that wonderful creations even outdoors an italian man , borders.

VAMA Divani, really, has produced a totally new official e-commerce coded in British, to select and purchase all his creations, even customized ones.

VAMA Divani guarantees comfortabile Shipping Home, secure payments, tracked shipments, punctually, in addition to high quality sofas and furnishings.

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During this new e-commerce is possible to uncover not just a large amount of products, nevertheless the good status for your organization that is productive approach, marked using the personalization plus a focus to details.

VAMA Divani satisfies any preference of design, from classic to contemporary: relating to the pages within the new e-commerce is possible to uncover and to look lots of wonderful furnishings, all products in traditional way and fine and selected materials.

Possibly the most important creations of VAMA Divani is clearly the Chesterfield sofa, a famous British sofa the organization produces with great precision and precision, much like centuries ago.

During this e-commerce, is possible to choose Chesterfield sofa in a number of version ad in many colours: VAMA Divani, really, can personalize each creation, your traditional way.

Within the new website, furthermore, there’s an amazing Outlet section.

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