How To Register A Private Limited Company?

Company Registration online has become so common and easy nowadays. Before registering a company, you must use some professional advice on structuring your business. It helps in numerous things like your income tax and will surely aid in your required business targets. Do check out how to register a company in india

Every business has to register its company to make it legal according to the government rules and amendments.

Types of business structures :

One Person Company: This is ideal for those who are sole owners and are limiting liability. ROC returns to be filed.

OPC was recently introduced in the year 2013, it’s the best way to start a company if there is a sole owner, it’ll allow the proprietor to carry on his business and still be a part of the corporate structure.

Limited liability partnership: An LLP is a separate subsistence where the liabilities of the shareholders are limited only to agreed contributions.

LLP was established under the Limited Liability Act,2008. This is service oriented business that has a low investment. Business returns have to be documented.

Private limited company: This is a business that has a large turnover. An audit is mandatory. Business tax returns and ROC returns are to be filed.

Public limited company: This business has a humongous turnover. Here business tax returns have to be filed.

How To Register A Company In India?

Digital Signature Certificate( DSC )

As the registration process is completely online, Digital signatures are mandatory to file the forms on the MCA portal.

Director Identification Number ( DIN )

DIN is a credential number for a director. DIN can be secured while filing the SPICe+ form.

This is an e-form for company registration, through which DIN can be earned by three directors.

Registration on the MCA Portal

To register the company, the SPICe+ form has to be filled out and submit on the MCA Portal. The Director of the company has to submit the related documents and log in to obtain the MCA Portal.

The reservation of the company’s name is essential if the company name already exists or it contains words prohibited under Companies, the form will be rejected.

If the SPICe+ form is rejected due to the non-approval of the company name, the applicant has to refile another form with the altered name by paying the estimated fee.

Certificate of Incorporation

The Registrar of Companies will inspect and analyze the application. Upon the verification of the form, they will issue the Certificate of Incorporation of the Company.

The certificate is issued with PAN and TAN as designated by the Income Tax Department.

Documents required for the Company Registration:

  • Aadhar card
  • Pan card
  • Driving license
  • Passport
  • Current electricity bill
  • Bank account statement having an address

A Company Registration provides many benefits when licensed, especially protects your company from personal obligations, threats, and losses.

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