How to Determine if a Mobile Archiver POC is Successful?

Whether you like it or not there will be instances that you need to comply to certain rules and protocols when it comes to business. Just look in what’s happening during this time of pandemic, as more corporations sends their employees to work from home. For an instance, the use of mobile phones to interact with clients and workers suddenly arise. This only means that the need to get a mobile archiver is a must. This is to record the transactions you make in your mobile phone during work hours. 

Determining if a mobile archiver is a successful one is not an easy task. You should be thorough in evaluating the terms and conditions it offers if it will best fit to your company. It should also pass the sfc recording, as well as sfc archiving standards.

The following information below can help you asses if it is a success or not.

Capturing and Archiving Communication for Mobile Compliance – How it Works

One of the first step in evaluating the effectiveness of mobile archiving solution is to know its coverage. It must capture the full range of communication across different channel. It should securely deliver the content from the employees to the archiving server. 

Consequences of Failing to Archive Mobile Communication

Any failure is not good unless you have a positive mindset to keep it as a chance to improve next time. However, it is not the case when it comes to business, as there are instances that this can lead to serious problems. There are a lot of social media hackers and important details can be hacked or ruined so, the need to archive them all is a must.

For more details about mobile archiving solution, read the infographic below brought to you by TeleMessage.


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