How To Appeal An Amazon Account Suspension

For any online dealer and seller, having an account suspended by sites like Amazon could be a major shock indeed. Most of the time, sellers end up thinking, it is the end of their journey on such online selling apps, at least they understand the reason and fail to appeal their suspension.

Sites like Amazon can suspend your accounts. You can take action in regards to the Amazon suspension appeal and can try to resolve the issue. Before appealing, you must try to analyse the cause of the suspension. The reasons could be as follows:

  • Exceeding metric operation, which has to do with the shipping defects, late delivery and other such delivery issues?
  • Illegal actions and frauds from the dealers like the sale of counterfeit products.
  • Having multiple accounts or violation of intellectual property rights
  • A mistake on Amazon’s end

While the reasons could be among the three, there is one way of appealing your suspended Amazon account. Amazon suspend appeal option will help you recover your account or you will have to start anew.

Consider The Following Steps To Recover Your Account

Try To Find The Reason For Suspension

It is an important step indeed. Try to figure out the cause of the suspension. Once your account has been suspended, you will receive an email. Read the mail carefully and try to figure out the cause of the suspension.

Make sure that the mail is authentic and it must mention all the policies violated. In case of any suspicion be sure to take legal action by consulting a legal practitioner.

Formulate A Plan

Keep a plan ready, as to what has to be your next step. Verify whether you wish to appeal. An amazon suspension appeal can take longer, thus you can opt for various other options like creating a new account, or suspending your business over the given portal.

If you wish to file an amazon suspend çözümü (a Turkish word for resolve), you will have to surf the internet and look for the correct department to contact. Prepare all the required documents and be prepared for interrogation.

Write An Apology Or An Appeal Letter

Avail the email ID of the department you wish to consult. Prepare a formal apology or an appeal letter according to your situation. Keep the structure basic and use an easy language. Try to be as clear as possible and avoid the use of controversial language.

Take some time at this stage. The more impressive your letter, the better will be the response. Wait for the company to respond.

Keep Plan B Ready

Try to convince the site by providing them with a perfect Plan of Action. In case of failure to convince, try to prepare another account altogether. Be sure to take legal help. Contact a good legal practitioner who can help you with Amazon suspend çözümü.


Remember, in case of account suspension there are high chances of it coming back to you. As long as your account isn’t denied or banned, you will not be stopped from carrying out your business online. Take all the necessary steps and resolve the issue as early as possible.

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Clare Louise