How not to forget our learning?

When we execute a project, we should have two primary objectives. First, of course, is to deliver the product to our customers. The second is to learn to do the work better in the future.

How do we make sure that our next project will perform better than the previous project that we did? There is indeed a technique by the name, lessons learned, which we can use to do that.

Lessons learned technique discusses and documents successes, failures, and improvement recommendations for future phases or future projects. It can include any format or venue acceptable to key stakeholders. It may be formal facilitated meetings or informal meetings.  check out business analyst and business analyst interview questions articles

During the Lessons learn session, review the following:

  • Business analysis activities or deliverables,
  • Final solution, service, or product,
  • Automation introduced or eliminated,
  • Impact on organizational processes,
  • Performance expectations and results,
  • Root causes impacting performance results.


  • Identifies areas of improvement.
  • Assists in building team morale.
  • Reinforces positive experiences.
  • Reduces risks for future projects.
  • Recognizes strengths or shortcomings.


  • Can become a blame game.
  • Lack of willingness to discuss and document problems.
  • Facilitation is required to ensure discussions remain focused on solutions and improvement opportunities.

Worked out Example:

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