How does a Sampling company work?

Our Sampling company delivers an exciting selection of free samples from top brands to your home every month. You’ll enjoy trying new products, discovering new recipes, and getting valuable coupons. Just tell us about yourself so we can match you with the best possible products for you. When you sign up for a Sampling account, you’ll tell us about the products that are of interest to you. Then, depending on your profile, we’ll send you samples that match your interests. In addition, by reviewing the products you receive, we can learn what you like and send you more Sampling companies that fit your preferences.

When you sign up for a Sampling account, we’ll show you a list of products that might be a good match for you. Based on your responses and our algorithm, we’ll send you samples to try at home and share your opinions. When you sign up for Sampling, we match you to free product samples from the world’s most renowned brands. You provide your profile information and we will ship free products directly to you. After you’ve tried them, we’ll send a short survey to your email so that you can give feedback on your samples. The more honest feedback that you provide, the more likely it is that you will receive more samples in the future.

Sell your products with Samples, a free product sampling service for Amazon Sellers. Customers have the option of receiving and trying a product in smaller sizes before buying a full package. Once customers receive their sample, they can purchase your full-size product using 1- Click buying. Companies know that consumers are more likely to buy a product when they try it with their own hands and see the quality for themselves. This is what free product samples are for, and Samples offers a wide range of products in different categories to choose from.

We partner with expertly chosen vendors for our product sampling program. When you sign up for a Sampling Box, the vendor will send your free samples directly to you. Please note that free samples may not be available in some countries. We give you a chance to try products at home, for free. We ask you to review and provide feedback on the samples. Your feedback helps companies improve their products and packaging designs. It is your opinion that they value most. It’s simple: companies send us their products, and we send them to you. When you sign up for a free trial of a product, the company will send you a full-size product sample as well as free shipping. On average, these freebies are worth $12.50 each.

Product samples are a great way to try new items that you might love at no cost to you. We recognize that the product you receive will be different from other products on the market, so we offer our members a sampling program built around premium brands, where qualifying members have the opportunity to try (and keep!) some of our newest products before they even hit store shelves.

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