4 Eco-Friendly Tips for your Laundry Business

8 Step Guide to a Successful Eco-Friendly Laundry Business

Washing and drying customers’ clothes shouldn’t be a wasteful undertaking that uses toxic detergents and chemicals that harm employees’ health and the environment. As more and more customers look for ways to protect the environment in their day-to-day lives, businesses are also adopting ways they can improve their green credentials. As you run your laundry business, having the right coin operated washing machine from brands like Girbau North America is crucial. Also, following simple sustainability practices will help you reduce call system technology your carbon footprint and still maintain your profits. With the following simple eco-friendly dry-cleaning tips, your customers can enjoy clean and fresh clothes while you run a sustainable business.

Choose equipment with the latest energy-saving technology

When it comes to choosing washers and dryers, it makes sense to go for equipment that offers you optimized laundry systems using the best water and energy-saving technology. Also, high-efficiency equipment uses less electricity, and since they consume less water, they will require less energy for heating the water when you’re doing warm and hot loads. Additionally, they leave customers’ clothes dryer, which means the drying time is reduced and so is energy use. All the savings on energy and water mean that you’ll save money as well. Keep in mind to connect to a provider like Green Mountain Energy plans to use their renewable energy plans and significantly save on your power bill. As such, getting a high-efficiency machine means it’ll probably pay for itself during its lifetime. What’s more, an industrial washing machine is environmentally sustainable, and your business will instantly notice savings on utility costs. This makes such machines a profitable long-term investment.

Ensure your machines run smoothly with frequent maintenance servicing

Maintaining your laundry equipment is key to ensuring your maximum efficiency. Also, consider attending upcoming distributor events in your area to take advantage of free service training. For a business owner running a self-service laundry business, tracking your maintenance schedules ensures you know the equipment that is due for a service. Thus, helping you save money and avoid costly repairs while helping you keep your utility bills under control.

Avoid over-drying linens

If your laundry business is considering ways to reduce its carbon footprint, the last thing you want is constantly replacing linens damaged through over-drying. Getting high spin washing machines with impressive water extraction means your linens will require less drying time. Also, having the right dryers leads to lowered energy use without over-drying the linen. This then means you’ll reduce your utility costs while improving the longevity of customers’ linens

Program washers and dryers for optimum efficiency

Make sure your laundry equipment is always programmed for optimal efficiency. Get laundry equipment with features like EcoPower and Auto Saving that can automatically ensure you save on water and energy use.

Not only does making the above changes to your laundry business help protect the environment, but they’ll keep your employees safe. In addition, you’ll be saving on water and energy bills as well. As you run your laundry business, remember that implementing eco-friendly measures can help reduce your business’s carbon footprint. You can also take this a notch high by sensitizing your employees and customers to choose the eco-friendly modes of doing laundry.


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