Fixing Startup Problems with the Help of AI

Startups yield benefits to large organizations and businesses due to their willingness to try new things and take risks. Before Entrapeer, it was difficult to find the best startups for your business.

What Our Platform Offers

With Entrapeer’s innovation management solutions, well-established companies can find new ventures with the tech to solve their problems. Despite its lofty objective, Entrapeer builds a simpler database and classifies instances of internet usage using AI with training. We go on. Every use case is double-checked by our human team to ensure its validity and database value.

The Advantages of Using Our Database for Commercial Projects

Businesses can use our platform to conduct startup scouting because we have compiled all the necessary data. Find the answer to any question with the help of our database platform.

There is a lot more to the Entrapeer platform than just an overview and contact information. This comprehensive reference to the firm’s technological stack covers every aspect, from the problem-solving capabilities of each platform, program, or product to the intricacies of implementation and the end results for each organization. By taking on the research burden while businesses seek solutions to ongoing problems, we help them save time and move closer to startup status.

Our Database’s Advantages for New Businesses

Startups with one use case and minimally viable products (MVPs) will find our platform to be suitable. One great way for a startup to get big companies on board is to show them how valuable their platform or product is. A company’s exposure to possible investors can rise after being included to the Entrapeer database. Whether the product requires a pilot project or proof-of-concept (POC), or if it’s plug-and-play, it deserves attention.

How We Help Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors

Check out the Entrapeer platform to learn about state-of-the-art technologies that meet your specific financial requirements. Most businesses that use our database have MVPs in the works, but they could still benefit from advice from seasoned professionals in the field, introductions to growth investors, or perhaps both. If you’re short on time and can’t make it to group meetings or pitch nights, you can always scan the available investments and pick the ones that pique your interest. One way to stand out from the crowd of angel investors and VCs is to do an extensive study on the products and implementations of the firms that made it into our pre-screened list.

Our Practical Uses

Has the question of whether Entrapeer is a suitable fit for your organization persisted? Stop searching and have a look at our examples of usage instead. In our case study, you can learn about how we assisted a European telco in identifying the most suitable startup to help them reduce energy expenses and expand into new markets. To see how Işbank discovered a machine learning-powered company that increased performance, increased income, and decreased costs through the usage of Entrapeer, read this article. Find out how we helped a well-known European tire manufacturer lower its environmental impact by establishing indoor vertical farms that grow rubber without using water.

Reach Out to Entrapeer Now!

Do not wait for our AI to find startups; instead, contact us immediately so that we may begin working on them. Your data and use cases must be submitted quickly so that we can integrate them into our platform. Our network connects top companies in every industry with the most well-known angel investors and VCs in order to help them form mutually beneficial partnerships.

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